Baia Mare Ceramics – Bledea Family

As promised, after telling you the story of the Sitar family and their unique pottery, we bring you the story of the Bledeas, the second representative family for Baia Mare Ceramics. Zaharie Bledea made this last name famous when he decided to restore his parents-in-law’s workshop, his wife being the daughter of a potter. Originality […]

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The art of wood carving

Wood crafthas been part of the Romanians’ life since ancient times. Even nowadays, many of us possess, among modern kitchen utensils, at least one wooden spoon. It is said that the forest is like a brother to Romanians, and as a proof, it has always provided shelter and wood to keep them warm and supplied […]

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Pottery Tradition

Dating back to the Neolithic period, pottery represents the oldest and most important “household industry”, in which the three essential elements- water, earth and fire- come to life in the hands of the Romanian peasant. Pottery finds itself today at the border between craft and art, necessity and aesthetic, whereas initially it had a much […]

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How is pottery made?

-The clay is extracted and cleansed of impurities, then is battered with water and left to leaven for a few weeks. Thereafter, the clay is cut into big chunks, beaten with cornflower and sprayed with water. -These chunks are laid on a wooden board in the craftsman’s studio, where the most painstaking and important step […]

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Baia Mare Ceramics – Artisan Cornel Sitar

Ever since olden times, Romanians have worked the clay in order to create homeware and somewhere along the lines, the trade turned into an art form.Ceramics are a Romanian tradition, harmoniously combining crafts, arts and love; together, they bring to life truly special pieces. Baia Mare ceramicsare some of the most representative in Romania, side […]

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