4 methods that will help you choose the right Christmas gift!

When you give the right present, the joy is twofold. The enthusiasm and impatience that appear on the face of your friends will also encompass you. Because a gift is, first and foremost, about emotion, especially the one you spark off when opening it. Imagine the Christmas Eve and the opening of gifts under the fir tree that are totally inappropriate, small, big, duplicates or unwanted things. What state do you notice in the air? Suddenly the atmosphere of appreciation, care and love slowly fades due to inappropriate gifts. In order to avoid such situations, we have made a list of some techniques that will help you find the right gift much faster and spark off only positive emotions around you.

1. Pay attention to daily conversations

From now until Christmas, try to actively listen to the conversations of your friends or family. Pay attention to the things they want, their long-term goals, plans or projects. Try to find out what they want and cannot afford or what they want to do and haven’t had enough courage. For example, if a friend tells you they would like to play a musical instrument, but does not know where to start, you can gift them with a traditional whistle.

2. Don’t buy things that you like

Just because you need a blender to help you prepare your morning smoothie faster, it doesn’t mean that your best friend needs it too. In general, it is very easy for us to generalize and to consider that everyone has about the same needs and tastes, but in fact, that is not true. If you want to show your appreciation, choose a gift that will bring those involved closer to their dream, show them support, appreciation and especially knowledge.

3. Show empathy

Before buying a gift, think about what a day in the life of your friends looks like. What are their passions, their habits or their thoughts. Once you’ve identified them, imagine their reaction when they see the gift. Will they feel more appreciated, more loved, will they enjoy it or will they be indifferent? Think of your friend who would like to write a book, but she still doesn’t find enough courage. What would it be like to gift her a pen and a note telling her to follow her dream?

Inainte sa cumperi cadoul gandeste-te cum arata o zi din viata prietenilor tai. Care le sunt pasiunile, gandurile obiceiurile. Dupa ce le-ai identificat, imagineaza-ti reactia lor cand vor vedea cadoul. Se vor simti mai apreciati, mai iubiti, se vor bucura sau le va fi indiferent? Gandeste-te la prietena ta careia i-ar placea sa scrie o carte, dar inca nu isi gaseste suficient curaj. Cum ar fi sa-i oferi cadou un stilou si un bilet in care ii spui sa-si urmeze visul?

4. Make a little effort

A suitable gift reflects the time spent searching for it, and at the moment, time is the best proof that you care. If you choose a random gift from the first store with decorative Christmas items, this can only suggest that the person was not treated as a priority.

Gifts do not have to be big things or very expensive in order to be appreciated. Think that what you offer sparks off an emotion, triggers a memory, an internal joke, a funny moment between you, or to support a dream. It can be a metal mug that reminds you of your first time camping, a traditional ceramic mug reminiscent of the first summer you spent together with your grandparents, a musical box to remind you of the song that was playing when you first met, a travel bag to wish you success in the new country in which you move, a tea pot to remind you of the winter evenings spent together drinking tea. Often the rush and the pressure of time makes us choose the wrong gifts even for Christmas, but what about taking your time this year? Make early lists of gift ideas, try to do things without rush because, on Christmas Eve, the house will be filled with smiles, thanks and hugs.

Remember that an appropriate gift arouses respect, unites relationships between people, creates new memories and brings a feeling of well-being that can stay with your friends all year. To support you in choosing the right gift, we have already prepared for you discounts and special offers, so that you know what to choose from.

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