6 cities in Romania that you must visit

A holiday is always welcome, be it that we want relaxation, peacefulness or to discover new places, but we almost always come across the question “where to go?”. Though we have a whole country in reach, for sure, more than half is left unexplored. And since it’s never too late to be a tourist in Romania and roam the country up and down, we thought of offering you a few recommendations for a dream holiday.

With our campaign “Art & Craft and Happy Tour promotes Romania” together with six bloggers in love with Romanian landscape, we have discovered several cities worth visiting at least once. Diana Cosmin, Ioana Grama, Iulia Ionescu, Cristina Stoica, Marian Craciun and Andreea Chirila remind us the pleasure of being a tourist in Romania.

Here are the six cities they recommend:

1. Sinaia, the soul city of Diana Cosmin

Sinaia Fine Society

Nicknamed the Perl of the Carpathians, the mountain resort Sinaia is the ideal destination to get in touch with the history of Romania’s monarchic times, as well as the picturesque beauty of the landscapes.

Sinaia Fine Society

If you are here for the first time, then you must not miss: the old royal guard where you can find the train exhibition and Alberto Drera masterpieces, Peles Castle with its fascinating secrets, Villa Luminis – composer George Enescu’s favourite house, Royal Sheepfold and the Sheepfold Vista, as well as the Franz – Joseph Rocks, a panoramic point from where you can enjoy the view of the entire Prahova Valley.

2. Cluj-Napoca in the company of Ioana Grama


A contrasting mosaic, mix of cultures, of values and times that seem to have melt together in the heart of Ardeal or of what we call today, the cultural and economic capital – Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj-Napoca Happy Tour si Art & Craft

A bohemian and at the same time bustling city, where you must not miss the Botanical Garden, the Museum Square where you can see the Franciscan Church and Carolin Obelix, and the Citadel is the place where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city. Also, if you like to admire and relax in the nature, the central Park, and especially Gilau Lake are two tourist spots that can’t be missed.

Cluj-Napoca Happy Tour si Art & Craft

3. At foot’s pace with Andreea Chirila in Iasi

Iasi Happy Tour si Art & Craft

Be it that you choose to admire its city centre, parks and streets or to visit its historical monuments, Iasi will not let tourists leave disappointed. The former capital city of Moldova enjoys a surprising beauty and covers the entire range of interests a visitor might have.

Iasi Happy Tour si Art & Craft

From the imposing Culture Palace, beautiful Hut of Ion Creanga, Copou Park hosting Mihai Eminescu’s Linden Tree, the paintings of Sabin Balasa hosted by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, to the National Theatre, Roznoveanu Palace and the Mitropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina, all these can take you on a journey in the past.

Iasi Happy Tour si Art & Craft

4. Marian Craciunpresents Sighisoara, the fairy medieval town

An authentic place, full of historical heritage and antiquity, where narrow stone paved streets make you come back to the times of medieval citadels, and stories fascinate – this is Sighisoara.

The city where Vlad Tepes was born takes pride in a lot of attraction points: The Clock Tower, Pupils’ Stairs, Vlad Dracul’s House, the Church of the Dominican Monastery or the Uphill School, all these confer unicity to each holiday spent here.

5. A stroll in Timisoara with Iulia Ionescu

Known as the “City on Bega”, Timisoara is one of the cities with the richest cultural and architectural patrimonies in Romania. Be it that you like to go on foot in its bohemian squares, admire the buildings and palaces full of history or walk in the parks that are true oasis of peacefulness, the city covers a wide range of interests for all travellers.

If you have the chance to come here, you must not miss: The City Centre, Unification Square, Freedom Square, Rose Park, Maria Theresia Bastion or Banat Village Museum.

6. Visit Alba Iulia together with Cristina Stoica

The place where the Romanian Principalities Unification document was signed, Alba Iulia is one of the oldest cities in Romania, just breathing history.

Here you can travel, at the same time, in different historical periods due to the four routes meant for visitors: The Route of the Three Fortifications, the Route of the City Gates, the Route of the Ancestry Heroes or the Northern Route. Among the attractions of the city we can count the Unification Museum, the Orthodox Cathedral where Maria and Ferdinand were crowned as King and Queen of Romania, as well as the Obelix of Horia, Closca and Crisan.

You must have certainly discovered a new location to visit, and we wish you by now a safe trip and good luck packing up!

The city where Vlad Tepes was born takes pride in a lot of attraction points: The Clock Tower, Pupils’ Stairs, Vlad Dracul’s House, the Church of the Dominican Monastery or the Uphill School, all these confer unicity to each holiday spent here.

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