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As promised, after telling you the story of the Sitar family and their unique pottery, we bring you the story of the Bledeas, the second representative family for Baia Mare Ceramics. Zaharie Bledea made this last name famous when he decided to restore his parents-in-law’s workshop, his wife being the daughter of a potter.

Originality is key when talking about Bledea ceramics. Patina pottery is a revolutionary method that the Bledea family implemented, which brought them the only inventor’s patent for Romanian ceramics. All products are handmade authentic creations, different from other pottery styles.

Besides the fact that these products have a unique beauty, they are also very practical. They can be used in the microwave, washing machine and for cooking; that is why these dishes are popular among hotels and restaurants who wish to give a touch of authenticity and tradition to the services they provide. At the same time, the products crafted by the Bledea family are exhibited in numerous museums in the country as well as in the houses of great personalities of the world, including Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to patina ceramics, the Bledea family also craft traditional pottery, decorated with motifs inspired by nature as well as local and national tradition; this is equally famous.

The passion for pottery combined with tradition and originality made this family a symbol of ceramics and pottery in Baia Mare, contributing to the national thesaurus of Romania and to traditional culture. Through the beauty and quality of the products crafted by them, this family brought Romania and Maramures into the spotlight; over the years, they received over 280 national and international awards for their work.

Our website carries a wide rangeof Baia Mare ceramics, handcrafted by the talented craftman Zaharie Bledea and his family. You can be the owner of a 100% authentic and original product, handmade with passion and love.

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