Five beautiful terraces in Bucharest where you can work or read a book

Summer is around the corner, the weather is better and brighter every day and that is why it is increasingly difficult for us to work 8+ hours at the office or to catch up on our reading indoors. What to do? Well, we have conducted a little bit of research and can therefore bring you the winning solutions: a few outdoor terraces in Bucharest which double up as oases of peace and quiet and where you can work efficiently, undisturbed and untroubled.

Without further ado:

The Infinitea Tea House( 7 Doctor Grigore Romniceanu Street, Bucharest) is the ideal decorum for you to savor a delicious cup of tea and catch up on work or devour a book. The tea house is very welcoming both inside, where it looks like a living room and outside, with its shadowy, cool garden, decorated with lamps, chandeliers and lanterns.

The Serendipity Tea House(12Dumbrava Rosie Street, Bucharest) is hidden behind ivy-clad walls, which you can discover only if you push aside the rose bushes by the entrance. It is a place of tea, gingerbread and swings; here, you can find quiet, relaxation and inspiration to work happily and efficiently or to meet your business partners.

Verona Garden(13-15 Pictor Arthur Verona, Bucharest) is a magical place which, although situated at the heart of the city, is somehow protected from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest boulevards. The garden has both small tables that favor intimate conversation or individual work and larger ones, for the times you want to go out with friends. And if you are among the lucky ones, you can even sway in a hammock.

Eden Garden(107 Calea Victoriei, Stirbey Palace, Bucharest) is a place of reunion for bloggers, designers, musicians and all those who want to enjoy peace and quiet at the heart of an urban jungle; here, all you can hear is birds chirping. The garden has plenty of greenery, wooden furniture, a bed, a hammock, a tent and two areas with floor mats.

La Vlaicu(47 Aurel Vlaicu Street, Bucharest) is a tea house unharmed by the noise of the city, and whose main attraction is its friendly summer garden, full of greenery and flowers. In the garden there are bamboo tables, armchairs and sofas, as well as a gazebo and a brick oven. For those who wish to enjoy perfect quiet in order to work or focus, La Vlaicu is the ideal spot.

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