5 Dream places to visit in Romania

If you have no more ideas on what to do during the weekend or if are you merely searching for interesting places to visit in Romania, we propose you 5 places which will surely awake your interest.

The Living Fires

Everybody knows about the Mud Volcanoes in Buzau County, but how many of you have you heard about the Living Fires in the neighborhood of the Mud Volcanoes? The natural phenomenon is somewhat similar, but instead of mud we can admire flames which are merely burning on the surface of the earth. The landscape is special and authentic. Our recommendation is for you to visit this place in the evening, when the dance of the fire transforms the landscape completely.

Located in the commune Lopatari, this place is not easily accessible but it is worth visiting. The easiest way to get there is to enter the GPS coordinates (45.53587, 26.5487).

The Live Stones

Also in Buzau County, in the Costesti commune you can visit the Natural Reserve Trovanti Museum, the sole reserve of this kind in Europe. The trovanti are also called live stones as instead of eroding they are growing in dimensions. And even more, these stones are moving. In the popular belief this geological formations have an incredible power protecting those who are touching them. That is why the locals have trovanti of small dimensions in the yard or in the garden. Due to these stones which are of spherical shape, the landscape is a special one.

Vida Lake

Located in Bihor County, Dobresti commune, this lake is distinguished by the way the water is running off.Due to its funnel shape it creates the impression of a huge swirl. Besides this special aspect, the color of the water and the landscape surrounding the lake are absolutely wonderful. In this area there are a lot of caves, Toplita river and Cheile Vidra. All these places will ensure a wonderful weekend in the midst of the nature.

Horses Waterfall

The Horses Waterfall is one of the nicest waterfalls in Romania having the biggest waterfall (80 meters on several levels). It is located in Maramures County within the Reserve Piatra Rea, near Borsa resort. The access is made by chair lift as it is a secluded spot in the nature. The waterfall bears this name due to a legend that left its imprint on the locals.

Cheile Gradistei

Located in Brasov County, near Moeciu, this place is the ideal destination for a wonderful weekend during winter but also throughout the year. The two touristic complexes in the area: Moeciu and Fundata can offer you all kinds of activities, from sport to spa. But the best part is represented by the mountain landscape and the fresh mountain air. Big chances are that this place shall host the 2016 Biathlon and Skiing World Championships, as it is the sole ski path of this kind in Romania.

We are looking forward to other recommendations of places waiting to be discovered by all of us.

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