How do you prepare for the Easter?

Easter Holidays bring us together, where each understands the meaning of the word „home”. Red eggs, cabbage rolls, bread, lamb tripeandcakeswith aromas of cocoa, coconut and shitfilled with spices of joy in homes and hearts of everyone.

Romania celebrates Easter traditions that you perpetuate through which they pass from generation to generation, and custom of painted eggs is an ancient custom in Romanian tradition, led to performance art in Bucovina.

Painted eggs are a testament to the beliefs, and customs of Easter, representing an element of specificRomanian spiritual culture. Painted Egg gives us joy, awe, humility, reconciliation, because in the ornamentation is actually used symbols (sun, moon, cross, etc.), patterns of nature (plants, animals, household items) and models of popularfabrics with all their repertoire of sacred signs ..

Egg decoration is testament to the patience and skill of painting, this occupation is reserved almost exclusively for women. Painting an egg is very painstaking, requiring a lot of steps and a few hours to make one egg, in one day can be painted on average 5-6 eggs.

Before being painted, eggs should be washed with warm water and salt and cooked for 10-15 minutes. Then wax is prepared in a metal container maintained at a heat source, and the egg is divided by using chisitei (instrument made from a wooden stick at the end of which was a copper wire and a thin wax reserve) in 2, 4 and 6 equal parts.
For decorating eggs, use ornaments with zoomorphic motifs (fish, rooster), vegetal (grape, wheat ear, oak leaf, tree, leaf acacia), cosmomorphic (clouds, sun, stars, lightning) sceomorfe (plug, rake, harrow, scale) and geometric (horizontal, vertical, wavy, spiral etc.) and vegetable color obtained from apple peel (yellow), red onion peel (red) and walnut shell (black).

After creating models and applying each layer of color, the egg is covered with wax to keep the color and the finish is lacquered, catching life as if by magic.
Easter is a good opportunity to spend wonderful moments with your loved ones, visit them and give them gifts. An Easter basket decorated with a traditional towel filled with painted eggs, a bottle of wine, cake and bread is always the perfect gift that will bring a smile to anyone.

Art & Craft recommends eggs painted with great minuteness and dedication by artisans, traditional recipes of Romanian dishes and the children have a variety of Via Delicedelicious sweets, chocolates and homemade cakes, andVladut’sgingerbread and toffee. And for your Easter table to be decorated as beautifully and in the traditional style, you can arrange the pieces in Horezu ceramic pots, Corund or Baia Mare.

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