Bran Castle – between history and present

Bran Castle is one of the landmarks of Romania, known all over the world because of its association with the legend ofDraculaand Bram Stoker’s novel. Located 30 km away from Brasov, Bran Castle was initially built as a defense citadel, going through numerous alterations until 1920, when it was donated to Queen Marie as a token of gratitude for her support of the 1918 Union.

Construction of the Bran Castle began in 1211, in the architectural style of Johannes Schultz and Karel Liman and was completed in 1377. The Castle was first documented in the 14th century, when Sigismund of Luxemburg banished Vlad the Usurper, who had been its prior owner.

Today, Bran Castle boasts a four-story museum that exhibits clothing items from Queen Marie’s personal collection, invaluable pieces of furniture, pottery collections, arms and armor.The most important objects at the Bran Castle include:

-The sycamore sculpted chest, decorated in German Renaissance style, dating from year 1692.

-The canopy bed, hand crafted out of linden, alder, oak, walnut and spruce wood at the beginning of the 18th century.

-The neo-rococo glass case from the end of the 19th century, which is part of the drawing room set embossed by Auguste Bembe of Mainz.

According to its administration representatives, the Castle is going to have a room dedicated to royal costumes, another – to projecting images from the National Film Archives on the history of the royal family, and a luxury apartment that will be rented by those who wish to spend the night within its walls.Also, the administration has plans to restore Queen Marie’s Tea House, which will also be open to the public. One of the rooms inside the castle was laid out under the name Bram Stoker and it presents the legend of Dracula; in the castle yard there is another museum, dedicated to the life, work and traditions of villagers in the area.

Bran Castleis also famous for the numerous movie and video scenes filmed there; during Halloween, it is flooded by foreign tourists, especially American and British.

Bran Castleis the second most expensive property in the world, its value being estimated at 140 million dollars.

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