Romanian traditional blouse Universal Day

In the popular tradition, the 24th of June is known asSanziene, a day viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the sun and summer-specific agricultural activities. Moreover, on this day we celebrate one of the most emblematic elements in our popular tradition: the Romanian blouse,ia.Even though this initiative started on Facebook, it expanded successfully afterwards and is now celebrated by Romanians, and not only by them, in more than 48 countries and 100 cities.

Romanian traditional blouse history

The traditional Romanian clothing constitutes a fundamental element of the material society, evolving alongside the Romanian people.The Romanian blouse, also known as “embroidered shirt”, is the main component of the national Romanian dress, serving as a means to establish social status, in particular in rural areas. The traditional blouses worn by married women had simpler patterns and darker colours, while young, unmarried girls used to wear richly adorned blouses, in light and bright colours.

The Romanian blousesare famous for their beauty, specific characteristics and particularities, as well as for the impressive effort that women must dedicate in creating these living testimonies of the Romanian spirituality.

The technique employed in decorating the Romanian blouse is passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.The motifs used to embellish the traditional blouse are inspired by nature, the most popular being the floral motif (rose buds, flower branches, ear of wheat, leaves etc.), but also geometric shapes (rhombus, windmill sail, dot, stars etc). There are regional differences, and each region has its own specific characteristics. The colours used the most in embroideries are: red, black, blue, green.

Romanian traditional blouse today

The traditional peasant blousewas adapted to the modern era. Today’s clothing maintains its authenticity by preserving the traditional structure and motifs, which endured the passing of time, and also by the creative technique. The Romanian blouse became a source of inspiration for different artists, either painters or fashion designers. Furthermore, it has been worn by many celebrities and renowned personalities: queens, actresses, and singers. In this sense, an important moment occurred in March 2012, in theVoguemagazine, when the singer and Academy award winner Adele wore a Romanian blouse with black embroidery specific to the Sibiu area. The Romanian blouse has even made an appearance at Hollywood in the TV showMad Men. Nadia Comaneci also helped in spreading the fame of the Romanian blouse worldwide, by wearing on different occasions this beautiful item of traditional clothing.

All these have made the Romanian blouse more and more popular nowadays, as it became part of the modern woman’s wardrobe, and not merely an item forgotten in the dowry chests kept by old village women.

On our site you can find awide range of Romanian traditional blouses, authentic and unique, which you can wear on any occasion and will definitely add more beauty to your wardrobe.

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