Symbols of Horezu pottery – Rooster

Once in Horezu, you are charmed and attracted by the magic of colors and the abundance of pottery vessels, which are more or less beautifully decorated. Hurezene popular pottery style continues to exert a strong interest among its fans through specific procedures that you express through traditional accumulation, and the innovations of content, function and meaning.

The main symbols used in ceramic decoration horezene are inspired by the surrounding flora and fauna: Hurez rooster, tree, snake, snowdrops, leaf, sun, star, ear, double helix, the tree of life or peacock tail.

Rooster is the emblem of the Horezu ceramics center. Rooster comes from the homes of Oltenia, where the role of an warning: solar guard against the unknown, the symbol of victory, the victory of light over darkness. Legend says that it heralds the collapse of darkness and apotropaic measure time, he was the one who woke people in times when technology was not as advanced „rooster song symbolize the passing critical moment announce victory on the night of the sun and light and darkness . He not only news the night hours, but clean between night hostile forces of man. „

Also, the rooster is considered the symbol of resurrection and immortality, emblem of vigilance and pride. Representation roosteron Horezu ceramic vessels is one variety, roosterbeing played in various poses chromatic range: more tantalum, more colorful, more airy etc.

Rooster often occupy the central space on the bottom and plays a central role in syntax decor. Sometimes, appear in the same place two roostersaffront or on both sides of a tree, and they are willing circular on the kettle, potters did say „hora roosters”.

Horezu Rooster story became so famous that Romanian Horezu Pottery (Valcea) entered in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012. The proposal was sent to Romania MC in 2011. „Horezu traditional pottery is made in the same locality name and caregiver village potters, working most of the artisans. Horezu pottery is unique, different, style is certified for over 300 years. „

Symbols of the Horezu ceramic- The Tree of Life




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